Cha Seung Won headlines MBC epic sageuk ‘Hwajeong’ with Kim Jae Won and Lee Yeon Hee

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MBC aired 50 episodes sageuk Empress Ki (2013-14) and that show was a huge success even if I skipped it, partly because of its length and partly because it was a sageuk which didn’t have enough interesting premise for me to make me watch it.The channel is bringing another epic sageuk this year with Hwajeong (or Splendid Politics)  which contains a slew of acting talents with Cha Seung Won, Kim Jae Won, Lee Sung Min, Lee Yeon Hee and Seo Kang Joon in the lead roles.

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Valentine’s Day Marathon

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Ah. Valentine’s Day. The day of either complete joy or devastating depression….all depending on your relationship status. Fortunately, for my fellow singles, I have a cure for the Valentine Days blues.
Let me present to you, the ultimate love marathon in the entire kdrama world. Now, depending on your availability or level of depression, you can watch all of these or just choose one to indulge in.
Let us begin:

1) Playful Kiss.


Are you CRAVING the mushy stuff? Like are you in desperate need of adorable crushes and silly antics? Well, head to your favorite drama-viewing website and begin your journey through Playful Kiss. I won’t share any cheesy details so I don’t accidentally spoil anything. Playful Kiss will put a big ol’ smooch on your heart.

2) Love Rain


Do you like the whole idea of opposites attracting? Of true-love that lasts for ages? Then Love Rain is…

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‘Unkind Women’ is the new Wednesday-Thursday drama for KBS

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I didn’t watch King’s Face even when I have lots of affection for Seo In Guk. The drama gained mediocre reviews and ratings and now it is being followed by Unkind Women which is a show about three generations of women living in the same family. The show sounds more like a weekend drama if we go by its title as well as plot. It also marks Song Jae Rim‘s first main lead role. He has surely got a boost in his popularity with his turn in variety show We Got Married where he is paired for a fake relationship with Kim So Eun.

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Pinocchio is “HONESTLY” the best drama I’ve seen in a LONG time!!

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Pinocchio’s review can be summed up in one word: AIGOO!
I finished this drama quickly.. 20 episodes in 3 days. That, my chingus, is exactly how addicting and perfect this drama is!

Ok. Here we go:
Let’s start with the beginning.. The explosion.. Oh man, I have never watched a drama where I cried in the first episode.. Until now. I was heartbroken for the Ki family.. And I was intrigued at the fact that the Pinocchio saw the father and, because of his inability to lie, I believed him. Which is why.. Later on.. I was in disbelief when his body was found at the warehouse because I, myself, was stumped into believing the Pinocchio and believed the father to still be alive… That’s where I began to question the validity of the news…

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